Doctor Q

Melbourne’s Most Thrilling Escape Experience

Yes We Are Open Now!

Escape from the boredom of daily routines and experience the thrill of your life in the largest and most immersive escape room in Melbourne!

The long-concealed location of Q’s secret mansion has finally been unearthed! It was rumoured that he was the head of this research facility, where equipment for distinguished special agents were developed. The rooms were found out to be constructed into an alternative world using visual designs, audio stimulations and intricately set out puzzles.

No longer do you need to compromise with the stagnant city life, but place yourself in the abyss of ancient tombs, in the grip of a serial murderer or in the wreck of a bio lab filled with mindless, blood lusting zombies!!!

Observe the surroundings carefully and hold on to your life! Here you have nothing, but your wit and nerve…



Dr. Q Escape Room
1 Claremont St. South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC, 3141
Tel: 0432 690 828